Training and Classes

Take advantage of any one of the many programs that Personal Training 24/7 has to offer. Get guaranteed results from a customized Personal Training program designed just for you. There are no membership fees for our affordable personal trainer services.

Boxing & Mixed Martial Arts Training Sessions

This is not your everyday treadmill workout! The Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts program allows you to develop some defensive skills while giving you an exciting and highly intense way to do cardio. The Boxing portion of the program includes heavy bag punching, speed bag punching, reflex bag punching, double end bag punching, and mitt work punching. The Mixed Martial Arts portion will include heavy bag kicks, knee strikes, elbow strikes, plus dummy slams and ground and pound. You can burn up to 1000 calories in each training session.  

One on One Training Session 

Our staff of highly qualified fitness professionals offers the very best one on one personal training experience.  With a special workout plan tailored just for you and the full attention of one of our trainers, we can guarantee results.  Do you need that little extra push during your workout? Or, just don't know what you are doing when you go to the gym, what the correct form is, or which machines works what body parts? Or maybe you just don't like the crowded busy feeling you get from being in the big gyms. If any of this is your story, then these are the sessions for you.

Boxing Boot Camp Training Session

Train like a fighter! This total body workout is designed to be fun, motivating, and works all muscle groups, while increasing your cardio levels. One hour of boxing can burn well over 1000 calories and continue to burn calories hours after the workout! Also, as you learn self defense techniques, boxing will increase your confidence, coordination, dexterity, and rhythm. Plus it's a great way to release life's daily stresses!

Small Group Training Sessions

The Small Group training program is a combination of several of our program options conducted with small groups of 6 to 8 clients. Whether you sign up with your small group or are placed in one, this program offers all the benefits of all our fitness programs, plus the added benefit of group support to boost your motivation!  Our Small Group Training is fun and you will see great results. 


Advanced Circuit Training Sessions

Advanced Circuit Training program offers a combination of resistance training and high intensity aerobic activity to achieve total body conditioning and maximize cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. One of our highly skilled fitness professionals will take you through timed intervals using floor exercises, weights, and other fitness equipment targeting upper body, core and trunk, lower body, and total body workouts!

Step Aerobics Specialty Training Sessions

Our Step Aerobic Training Specialty program offers a fat burning, creative routine designed to build cardiovascular endurance and burn excess fat at a fast rate. Our variety of routines will keep your body in motion, and will also incorporate an abdominal segment that will help firm and reshape your stomach area as well.

Six Pack Abs Training Sessions

Our Six Pack Abs training program will tighten your abdominal muscles and protect your spine using the most effective abdominal exercises, while learning proper technique through step-by-step instruction from our fitness professionals. Whether you’re looking for beginner, medium, or advanced level training we have something here for everyone to target core muscle groups. Workouts range from a variety of lower ab exercises, standing trunk rotations, reverse crunches and more.

After School Youth Program

Ask about our After School Youth program designed to offer elementary and middle school kids a healthy alternative that will build their strength, endurance, confidence, and serves to combat childhood obesity.