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Derrick's Personal Training Facility, is the name to know for quality fitness services. In addition to our amazing health programs, we can certify individuals to become personal trainers through a sanctioned test curriculum. You will learn basic anatomy, biomechanics, and kinesiology before moving on to perform practical applications for training others. Upon completion of our course, the Boxing and Conditioning Institute will certify our clients. After mastering seven basic punches of boxing and tactical foot movement, your certification will be endorsed by the current WBO welterweight champion of the world, Paul Williams. Additionally, you will develop a turnkey program for total body health and fitness.

Personal Trainer
   Career Specific Training

Our staff offers a program that will teach and condition our clients for specific job needs. We often train young men and women who want to enter the Prince Georges County and District of Columbia law enforcement agencies and fire fighting departments. Our staff will prepare participants in accordance with the physical standards and requirements set forth by the various agencies to develop a training process that will ensure our clients will succeed or meet the physical qualifications.  In addition, we offer training programs designed to reduce what ever work related stress you have, while helping you meet your overall fitness goals.  

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